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One of Minneapolis' prime artists comes with his 8th studio release 'Committed' mixed and mastered by Garlic Brown at Incepticon Studios


released May 13, 2016



all rights reserved


KNOX Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Committed
Restless interested into stretchin these poems passed legends in celebrity thrones our breads leavened and heavy stoned as Saudi whores allegedly wrong at all angles even when I straight right for days depleting dopemine… leaving openings daring to share how I cope with things… sobering realities starin back at me as a reflection in my phone screen… only thing I focus on is actually what it don’t mean… no lean in my sprite… just a queen in my life… a couple irrational thoughts I can scream at a mic… shit we all more similar than sacred… I mean we act like but we all more familiar with language… so its Villain till im vanquished… will it till I cant wish… conceal it then im dangerous… so watch out I know to you this might sound like cop out but a criminal background just isn’t something that you can crop out… speaking bout these crops dawg im dusted… building with the homies dicussin muskets n concepts of justice....

quibbling comedians chivalry the greedy n median between free speech and civil disobedience… yea but we just niggers doe.. inee meenie mynie moe grab cam by the toe… tell’em jig dab that… keep the bread monkey but all this respect and dignity u cant have back… watchin all these snap back kats becoming lab rats… only hope I see is locksmith on teambackpack… I can relate to steve Harvey cuz u feel like dog shit… more than once ive put the crown on the wrong bitch…I hate repeating myself but they say that’s how the song stick… these racist chase what makes us great while they women chasin long dick...create spectacles if u like still couldn’t see me with ten eyes. my raps hustle grand as bob till my kingdom next to tip word to ten “i ’s” don’t get mad when u see the realest from both sides extend 5’s… or when we here feastin on them bones when the rest die baby shels world track 3 wangin’ rez vibes cherrys illuminated lit like blunts under red skys
we all equal with our head split layin on the ground we all leak that red shit…. Ask my homie If just take a moment to reflect bro been rich… because the possibly is more a constant stream than netlix… all we care about how crazy kanye west is… khloe kardashian and who she all had sex with…. Ok that latter had me interested that ass doooee! Elightened or not sheeit im still a man bro!!... I mean u cant be contrite serious all the time… cant be all fright lyrics or baller rhymes… cant strictly conscious witty or struggle rhymes… sometimes less obsessive exrpressin love of life… either way I’m committed…. Either way im a get it… either way im a menace… either way I did it…
Track Name: Shepards Pie
cant blame an idiot with willingness for silly shit for his own ignorance he don’t really get… i could slam a gavel quicker rockin black robes… but I was’nt with him siftin thru the crack smoke… trippin over his mama body layin with her back broke… by his dad cuz his ma took the last toke… who am I judge that, I mean who does that?... without understanding traumatic damage from that? Day after day for decade and a split… now he 15 with big dreams an sk and a fifth… value systems consists of valiums stick ups Italian wisdom from puzo vows against malnutrition… he loaded cuz the world owe’em what he aint got.. preyin on the tank top rockers in the skate shop… for that hustlaz code hes as proud as you and me on route to a degree… so how accountable is he? They make excuses for them monsters that used lynch us… for them blankets with small pox they use to give us… moral aloofness of a nazi even more ruthless… yet we expect fin to rise from the storm trooper’s…

we can lead from behind if we mean it leave it free all they gotta do is see it there will no need to preach it no need to force feed’em shepards pie

countin down my days behind the fence I had this protégé… limitless potential equal willingless to throw away… bunked up with hit the gym for discipline get pumped with him… from a good fam said his unc played duck hunt with him… told hes always known theres something fucked up in em… tried to shield him reveal a feel for the yield signs… but still vibes were clear signs he had a ill zeal for real crime… I was patient a docs job security… but without experience it just talk not maturity… but at the time I was blind I aint get that… innocence was’nt on his list of shit to get back… mishaps followed by chin straps fastened for disciples… fighting another mans war getting active with the rifles… stupid muthafucka why wont you just listen… learn from my mistakes theres more to life than just prison… you dumb as fuck doin the same shit that I did… you had everything given to you a life I wish that I lived… the truth staring you in the face open your eye lids… said he cant see himself inside it thas ha it is…

do as I say right? Not as I do right? Everyone else can do it just not you right? Cant treat my kids like their eyes don’t work… like they don’t understand im off that hydro purp… like I don’t watch worldstar vine compilations… while studyin physics solving prime computations… just mild observation but lets be fair and shit every kids doing everything their parents did… how ima offer more martin luther but less ether? And shelter them when experience is the best teacher..most of us examples of what u shouldn’t do… hope the cops aint the ones show u u aint bulletproof… I wont preach readin rather show’em lies that their teacher told them.. in books and leave’em open… what kind of message am I sendin if the message varies… my instructions use words if their necessary… theres jewels in successes and my screws ups… as long as when my names called they see me there to suit up…bet they never see me throw a towel or stop learning… dyin hopes most they got from me is not worded…